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Cannes Reporter:

Though the doyennes of Venice and Berlin may not like it, Cannes, at the turn of the 21st Century, has grown to become the premier film festival in the world. But did you know? a) The town of Cannes was founded by Monks in the 11th Century. b) The Man in the Iron Mask (believed […]


PDF version of Fenlands Screenplay (244K)

Making Hollywood

At, we love making movies but we know it can amount to mucho dinero, and if you are newbie on the block, chances are ya ain’t got a Hollywood budget. So for all you budding Kubricks, de Palmas, Scorseses, Coppolas, Spielbergs et al…’s a few tips to get you started. We talk to Matt […]

Bloke on Everest

….a bet is a bet is a bet.bolash will go to great lengths to capture a good picture…and if there’s an interesting story to go with it then so much the better!So we sent some of our team up a mountain….not just any mountain. Here’s what one of them had to say. ’I am […]


MUSIC ON FILM Music for the forthcoming feature film Weekend Lovers, directed by Kiran and Kit Shah. Title song and other music co-written by Charles Lucy, James Sanger. Dankas’s theme. See PDF screenplay here