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Making Hollywood

At, we love making movies but we know it can amount to mucho dinero, and if you are newbie on the block, chances are ya ain’t got a Hollywood budget. So for all you budding Kubricks, de Palmas, Scorseses, Coppolas, Spielbergs et al…’s a few tips to get you started. We talk to Matt […]

Cinema Book Review – Devils Guide to Hollywood

JOE ESZTERHAS – The Devil’s guide to Hollywood. ’ WHY DOES YOUR BUTT HURT AFTER YOU’VE TAKEN ROBERT McKEE’S COURSE?’… Joe Eszterhas, Hollywood screenwriter, ’enfant terrible’, and author of: BASIC INSTINCT, FLASHDANCE, SHOWGIRLS AND JAGGED EDGE, lifts the lid, (or at least Joe’s lid) on the Hollywood scene. His book THE DEVIL’S GUIDE TO HOLLYWOOD […]