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bolash 1. com has teamed up with Phil Clyde – Smith of 3pronged attack and Matt Taylor of fat beehive films, two of the most exciting up and coming D.O.P’s in London town…. SWORD is an exciting documentary currently in production for TV. Guess what it’s all about…dooh? Watch some co-ordination and action clips from […]

Combat & Martial Arts

STUNT & FIGHT SCENE CO-ORDINATION ’…from fencing to fisticuffs’ When you gotta film a fight, it better be right. Our stunt team have many years experience, amongst other things, in corporate/diplomat – personal protection, Special services, and Martial arts training. OUR TEAM INCLUDE QUALIFIED: Army PT instructors, Armed and Unarmed combat instructors, Anti – ambush/ […]

En guarde are members of the BFA (British Fencing association). Qualified in all three disciplines – foil.epee,sabre. Coordination : Phil & Steve working with fencers. Action : Ceri, Tim & Steve – fence sabre. HIRE US NOW, for all your sword fencing scenes !