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Bolash1 work in collaboration with a number of singer song writers and are pleased to present some recent examples of their work.

For further information on any of these artists please contact us at stephen@Bolash1.com.


LUCY TUNING is a musical microtuning system derived from Pi and the writings of John Longitude Harrison. This system enables users to modulate and transpose using any scales or keys that they may choose.

Beyond the scales, tunings and modes of Western music (Lydian, Ionian, Mixolydian, Dorian, Aeolian, Phrygian, or Locrian ….), with LucyTuning, it is possible to emulate Japanese, Indonesian, Chinese, Indian, Arabic (makam) and any conceivable tuning system.

NOBODY OWNS ME (written by Ridley/Lucy performed by Lucy Copyright)

Watch this video on YouTube.

When all the lights go down,

She’ll dress up and walk the town.

Dancing in shadows looking for deals,

Peddling her body, wherever she feels.

Strangers come and go

Pay for her night-time show,

To them it’s another game.

But they never stop to ask her name.

She says –

You can buy me. Come try me.

You can even compromise me,

But when your hour’s through,

you better know what to do

’Cause no-one gets nothing for free,

and nobody owns me.

Nice people never talk to her,

They’ve a very special word for her

All her days are long empty nights

Beneath the glow of cold red lights.

She had a husband so it’s said.

He left her for another’s bed.

He never should have treated her that way.

And I never should have let her slip away.

She says –

You can buy me. Come try me.

You can even compromise me,

But when your hour’s through,

You better know what to do

’Cause no-one gets nothing for free, and

Nobody owns me.

THE ULTIMATE MILITARY PARADE (written and performed by C. Lucy)

Watch this video on YouTube.

On a camel with a balding hump

Rode the leader with his old bike pump

He conducted the artillery

Who shot a volley for pro$perity

From under his three

All the elephants wore leiderhosen

Everybody wore the best of clothes

There was a banner flying overhead

For those who strained a neck it clearly read..

The Ultimate Military Parade!

There were widows dressed in bridal gowns

With the usual kids to drag them down.

The babies all were in the infant tree

With brooms and shovels for the cavalry

Who rode side-saddle for their modesty

And drank from flasks marked fine laced tea.

Napalm cocktails for the honoured guests

Who wore best plates on their chests

The tanks clanked by with cannons in tow

Followed by reconnaissance who knew the

road __/^<>—+/\\/^ ….

For The Ultimate Military Parade!

There were Gurkahs from the regiment

With bright read books the Chinese sent

The Israelis brought a fleet of girls

Serving yummy kippers >->>>>>>>=>

as they schlooocked the world

By **starring** a blue A-bomb


Copyright Lucytune.

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