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At, we love making movies but we know it can amount to mucho dinero, and if you are newbie on the block, chances are ya ain’t got a Hollywood budget. So for all you budding Kubricks, de Palmas, Scorseses, Coppolas, Spielbergs et al…’s a few tips to get you started.

We talk to Matt Taylor of London based Fat beehive films on how to make slick and entertaining short films on an impossibly tight budget.

BOL: Hi Matt and welcome to Bolash1. Let’s first start with the script, or at least the original idea. What are you looking for in a script or idea when you begin a project?

MATT: The originality of the idea comes first, then I consider whether I can do it economically. I’m thinking about the production values afforded by the various cameras available, and the logistics of the Set.

BOL: Just how can a newcomer or struggling film maker produce something worth seeing, without it costing them a metaphorical arm and a leg.

MATT: There are no bad genres, think only of good storytelling, the narrative driving the idea in your film. Get on with it and make it, chances are your first film won’t be very good, so then get on and make another one. Learn by doing.

Here are some Matt prepared earlier. [Fatbeehive films]


Writer/director – Matt Taylor D.O.P -Sam Edwards

a 4 minute freshly half baked hostage comedy drama. (Prod costs: Less than the price of your I-pod. 2 day shoot).



BOL: How do you choose your locations?

MATT: For me, locations are as important as the characters in a film. Work hard on arranging your Locations/Sets. I can’t remember just how many times I’ve completely redecorated my living room. Everything in shot – Location, set, props – should work for the benefit of your film. That’s why Spielberg’s such a genius, everything in his shots work for the benefit of his film.

BOL: Where do you find your actors?

MATT: It’s all about casting; it’s a matter of you putting the work in. Go where actors go. I’m lucky in this respect, mates seem to come out the woodwork whenever I’m casting.


Writer/Director/DOP – Matt Taylor

Matt’s 6 minute comic cautionary tale of how a seemingly small decision could have a larger impact on your future happiness. (Prod costs: Shot over 2 days on a PD150 for less than the cost of a posh nosh slap up meal for 2).


BOL: Finally Matt, it’s a rap, the editing looks good, the grading is fine and your baby is ready to meet the world…What avenues are open?

MATT: Entry into Film festivals and hopefully success in them can give your work a level of credibility among your peer film makers and provide you with a ‘real’ audience. Festivals vary considerably in terms of their entry criteria and their influence and prestige within the industry.The well known (short) film festivals garner real Kudos for their winners, some of the lesser known ones don’t. So do your homework before submission.

BOL: Thanks Matt.

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