Who did you meet today?
Did it change your life..
Or just break your day?


Don't be daunted by a man.
Or position that he hold
He too was once a child
And soon will grow old...
If he survive. If he survive.

Climb a hill. Reach the top
Only way's down, though he may want to keep
The souvenir of a crown.

Life's as fragile as an egg.
Cracks chipped in the shell
When the cracks break apart,
Life or death who can tell...
If they'll survive, if they'll survive.

Poor man fighting for a breath.
Each grasp is a strain.
Never owned anything
But he love the rain,
Just to survive. Just to survive.

I don't  know what makes you laugh
Try me.  See what I can do.
I don't know what makes you cry.
Ask me I'll pull you through.

But don't you know it's got to be  a way within my reach.
It's the least that you could do for me.
Pick me off a peach.

Narrator:Time passed and the children grew; but as they flowered, they seemed to draw sustenance from Amalisa herself.
With each dream journey her body seemed weaker on their return. It was as though she gave herself to her followers, and their lives were fuelled by her energy.
Amalisa well ill and had to be confined to her parents' cottage. Her home was often crowded with well-wishers, who would bring her gifts and come to listen to her stories, or take part in her dreams.
Doctors came to try to heal Amalisa's body, but instead they would fall under her spell. Her influence enabled them to perform greater skill with their other patients; but none could cure or even diagnose Amalisa's malaise.
Amalisa's fame grew and the streams of visitors became bands of pilgrims, each wishing to grow at Amalisa's expense.
Her parents saw what was happening and tried to stop her accepting so many visitors. Amalisa refused, for although the visitors made her weaker, she insisted on seeing each one; for they could multiply the energy which she gave and allow others to develop.
She grew weaker in body, but her spirit was strengthened by the visits.
Martin went to Amalisa late one evening and sat with her through the hours before dawn, when her body was at its lowest ebb.

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