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These well-established lullabies were collected by Dorothy Berliner Commins and published in 1967 by Random House in “Lullabies of the World”. They have been reproduced here with kind permission from her estate and her daughter. The lullabies have been found effective for generations. Now by adding the technology of alpha and sub-alpha beating to natural tuning, the ultimate child soother has been developed. The slowing rhythms lull your baby to sleep whilst introducing the sounds of diverse types of music. It is has been found that children brought up using these sounds will easily appreciate other music from around the world. The rhythms and intonations, which may at first sound strange to adult Western ears, will be familiar for them. Play LucyTuned Lullabies quietly in the nursery at bedtime. To those who have previously only experienced and appreciate Western musical tuning, the music may, at first, sound very different; yet see what a difference it makes to bedtime. It also works on adults, so avoid use when driving or using dangerous machinery.
Album 1 - Click on title to hear 30 sec preview (MP3)
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Track Location Title Tempo Time Key
1 Indonesia Lelo Ledung 148 7:00   Eb major
2 Hopi Pu'va, Pu'va, Pu'va 92 7:48   G minor
3 Greece Aide, Aide, Kimisou, Kori Mou 86 5:36   F# major
4 Colombia Duermete, Niño 77 1:58   E minor
5 Haiti Dodo, Maringouin Dodo 69 4:28   D major
6 Spain Duerme, Niño, Chiquito 43 13:24   F# minor
7 Turkey Eh-e, Eh-e, Nini eh! 39 10:09   E minor
8 Denmark Visselulle, Min Lire 42 6:15   C major
Album 2 - Click on title to hear 30 sec preview (MP3)
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Track Location Title Tempo Time Key
1 Rajasthan Baby Likes His Swing Very Much 77 9:11   E minor
2 Bangladesh Come O Sleep 74 8:55   Eb major
3 Vietnam Lie Down, Sleep 62 8:21   C minor
4 China Purple Straight-Grown Bamboo Shoot 52 8:54   A major
5 Montenegro Lully, Lully, Lully 46 10:25   G minor
6 Ethiopia Ushururu My Child Ushururu 39 8:58   E minor
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