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We have found the following links useful, and list them here for visitors interested in babies, sleep, health, and science. Each link will open a new window on your browser. LucyTuned Lullabies accept no responsibility for the content which you may find on these sites, as they are beyond our control.
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Lullaby lyrics and sheet music
More LucyTuning history, research, and technical specifications
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10 ways to get a really good sleep - BBC News 27 March 2009.
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Miscellaneous Pregnancy, Sleep and Baby Info. Links
Baby Centre - Baby Names
Journal Sleep
Baby Directory
Pilates for pregnancy DVD's to cover each of the trimesters and the post natal stage.
American Music Conference
BBC Science & Nature - How To Sleep Better
BabyZone Articles and Links on Sleep
Society of Music Perception and Cognition

BrainWave Frequencies info

BrainWave Research
Baby/Parent Related-UK Only Links
UK - Where to have your baby
NHS Direct (UK)
Baby Directory UK
Birthing experiences of six UK mothers - Guardian 03/05/05
Midwives OnLine
Baby/Parent Related-General International Links
18 Weeks gestation & your baby hears
8-12 Months and baby sleep advice
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