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Can we improve Mozart? Compare LucyTuning with conventional 12 tone Equal Temperament tuning.

There are two mp3 files linked from this page: both are of the identical, mundane, piano rendition of a part of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.

The only difference between the two audio files is the tuning system used. Listen to each and compare with your own ears. LucyTuning in this case was set to sound 3b2s BbEbAbF#&C#.

LucyTuned Mozart - mp3 12 Tone Equal Temperament Mozart - mp3

Both versions were produced using Logic Pro 7 with "The Old Lady Piano" EXS samples from this midi file. Which do you prefer? Which do you find the most relaxing? Please let us know by emailing us and we'll publish the results.

Info. from the BBC about the "Mozart Effect"

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